quarta-feira, 22 de junho de 2011

If You Love the Songbirds

(Primeiro poema que escrevo em inglês, não sou muito fã, mas achei que perderia muito se fosse em português)

If you Love the SongBirds

If you love the Songbirds
Give them a reason to sing
'Coz the birds locked in cages
Just know what tomorrow may bring

You live just like a Lost Dog
Lyin' in someone's else door
The same plea for pity in the eyes
The head always down on the floor

A dog suffers for unhealed scars
Of mistakes once made in the past
The one who choose the present knows future
And now you're well buried and dead

So, if you love the songbirds
Give them a reason to fly
Cause Songbirds locked in cages
Sing because didn't learn how to cry

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